Uses for Curly Dock Plant

Curly Dock  ( Rumex crispus L.)

Leaves with curled edges and  course texture. They Grow 2 to 4 feet tall. The  taproot is sout with a pale yellow interior. Small green flowers bloom in summer. Dark brown winged seeds distributed by wind or water, can remain viable in the ground for 50 years!!

Time of Year Flower from June to Oct, the seeds ripen from July to Oct.

Location:  All of North America
Click Here for map  If it does not grow in your area do a search to see what kind does

Nutrient Content
Vitamins A and C, Iron, high in beta-carotene, Zinc, Potassium and the seeds are rich in Calcium and fiber

Leaves, seeds and roots

  • You can eat the leaves raw or cooked best to use young shoots less bitter
  • Great in salads
  • Cook as a standalone veggy (add garlic or mustard garlic for a better taste)
  • The stems can be cooked to, great to add to soups (but they are best peeled first)
  • Seeds can be ground into flour and used for breads
  • You can roast the seeds and they make a great coffee substitute

  • Can be used as a gentle laxative
  • Grind up the plant and use on your skin to clean.
  • Or you can dry and use the powder on wounds, rashes, sores and ulcers
  • It can be turned into a tonic or tea to help with blood issues and it even helps with lung issues because it helps with poor circulation   
  • It is a fantastic tea for colds
  • Astringent leaves can be used topically to reduce swelling from irritations

Other Uses
  • Yellow, dark green to brown and dark grey dyes can be obtained from the roots
  • And to your compost heap in order to speed up bacterial activity

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