Uses for White Mustard

White Mustard (Sinapis alba)  
White mustard is an annual, growing to 70 cm high with stalkless pinnate leaves.

The yellow flowers of the plant produce hairy seed pods, with each pod containing roughly a half dozen seeds. It is a fast growing plant.
PS it is called white mustard because of the seeds it produces not the flowers :)

Time of Year: Flower June to Aug.--seeds ripen July to Sept.

Location: Mostof North America

Click Here for map  If it does not grow in your area do a search to see what kind does

Nutrient Content
Protein, Carbs, Calcium,  Iron, Phosphorus, Vitamins A, B1, B2 and the pressed oil from the seeds has 60% monounsaturated fatty acids

Leaves Oil Seeds

  • Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked
  • It has a hot pungent flavor when eaten raw which makes a nice addition to salads when leaves are young
  • Older leave use in cooking
  • Seeds make an excellent sprout
  • Or you can ground the seeds to a powder and use them as a spice.


  • Making a tea out of the plant or the powdered seeds help with coughs and phlegm
  • Rub a past of it on your chest if you have bronchitis
  • A poultice made from the seeds help with arthritic joints, skin issues
  • A bath with the plant or a steam helps with respiratory issues.
  • Tea help with water retention by increasing urine flow
  • This plant help fight infection because it is an antibacterial plant
  • You can use the a tonic as a mouthwash to help with Swelling of the mouth and throat
  • This plant can help increase your appetite if you are ill


Other Uses
  • Pressed oil from the seeds can be used as fuel for lighting you home
  • The oil is also used in homemade cosmetics 
  • The oil is used in message to help the circulation 
  • Boil the plant and or seeds and make a spray for your garden that will  repel cats and dogs...I am sure it works with other animals to.   

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