Uses for Yarrow

Common Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L. )

Time of Year: Flowers bloom in the spring

Location: All of North America

Click Here for map  If it does not grow in your area do a search to see what kind does

Nutrient Content
Note much nutrients in it.

Leaves and flowers

  • The younger leaves and the flowers a yummy in salads
  • The leaves can be used as a hop substitute for flavoring and preserving beer

  • Yarrow is used to help fevers, cold and hay fever.
  • You can chew on the leaves to help a toothache
  • It can stop bleeding when applied as a mash to a wound (even large ones), it is a blood clotter. 
  • It is an anti inflammatory so makes great compress for sprains and even bug bites
  • Great in a bath for cramps and lower pains
  • Teas made from the leaves and flowers helps with cramps and bloating.
  • And this can be dried and have all of the same effects.

  • Tea from its flowers and leaves helps produce productive sweating to flush toxins

Other Uses
  • Yarrow is used as a facial cleanser. (for greasy skin)
  • It is also added to shampoos and soaps
  • And it is used in snuffs (not sure I would snuff it)
  • Yarrow repels flies, ants and other insects
  • Burning it repels mosquitoes
  • The seeds a very fragrant and can be used inside the house to make it smell nice
  • Make a yellow- green die with the leaves

How to make plants food from Yarrow
Fill a container with leaves. Add some water. Leave it to soak for a week or two and then dilute the smelly dark mix, around 10 - 1 with water. You do not need to be perfect with the messurments. And bam great plant food! 

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