Uses for amara dulcis (bittersweet)

WARNING(S)  All parts are toxic.Fruits(berrys) are toxic do not ingest!

Amara Dulcis (bittersweet) or why can't I kill these dam vines!!!!

I actually use these vines to make wreaths you can make baskets as well.

Description - Amara Dulcis, or Bitter Sweet is also call Mortal, Woody Nightshade, Felon wart. Its Woody stalks grow to the height of a man. The leaves fall at the approach of winter, and spring out again from the same stalk in the spring. The main branch divides into many small branches. The leaves are longish and broad and pointed at the ends. The flowers are blue or purple and stand together in knots, the berries at first are green and then turn very red when ripe, tasting sweet at first, and bitter after wards.

Time of year
They start growing in the spring and die at the start of winter.

This is a really evasive vine that grows all over North America.
Click here for map.  If it does not grow in your area do a search to see what type does.

  • A pound of the leaves are pulverized and boiled in 3 pints of white wine, strained. It is said that if drank (1 small cup) it
  • Make a tea from the roots and bark it is works great as a diuretic 
  • Leaf tea is also great for diarrhea and dysentery
  • Bark used in an contentment treats burns and skin irritations
  • opens obstructions of the liver and spleen
  • helps with difficulty in breathing
  • Help with congestion if the blood from bruises and falls in any part of the body
  • Good for black and yellow jaundice
  • Dropsy
  • It is also good for vertigo and dizziness

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