.Uses for Queen Anne's Lace

Warning : The leaves of the plant are toxic, and may irritate the skin.
WARNING - Please do not attempt to use theseideas and methods if you can't positively identify and distinguish Queen Anne's Lace from poison Hemlock

Queen Anne's lace   (Daucus carota L.) 

Description - Queen Anne's Lace can grow 4 feet tall. The leaves are 2 to 8 inches long and fern-like. We all know the flowers, which are tiny and white, blooming in lacy, flat-topped clusters. Each flower has a dark, purplish center.

Time of Year: Flowers Mid spring to mid summer
Location: All of North America
Click Here for map  If it does not grow in your area do a search to see what kind does

Nutrient Content
Vitamin A, C, niacin, carotene, potassium

Flowers, seeds, young leaves and roots

Editable uses

  • Batter Fried  flowers  are super yummy and actually are a real treat (carrot like taste)
  • The seed are a fantastic seasoning in any dish for the carrot flavor it adds
  •  The young  leaves are used in salads and added to foods for flavor 
  • The roots are used as a carrot substitute in soups and other dishes
  •  You can even make wild carrot cake with the roots
  • BINGO another coffee substitute plant. Dry and roast the roots, grind and bam coffee

Medical Uses
  • Tea, helps to stop the formation of kidney stones
  • Tea from leaves and flowers can be used as a treatment for hangovers
  • Roots can be used as a laxative and it helps expelling worms and helps with water retention
  • The root tea helps with gout by flushing the uric acid out. 
  • It is also great for gas issues.
  • Carrots (Roots) contain cholesterol-lowering pectin The USDA says it can actually lower it 10 to 20%

Other Uses

  •     Oil from the seeds is used in perfume and in food because of its orris like scent
  •     The seed oil is also used in anti wrinkle cream and for chapped skin
  •     Having them in your garden help boost tomato crops
  •     Can be used as creamy off white dye
  •     And yet again yes paper can be made from the root

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